Adam Schwarze


A graduate student at Harvard University, Adam Schwarze is studying international relations with a focus on the Middle East and counter-insurgency. He also holds responsibilities with the US Navy SEALs as an in-water mission commander and DELTA Platoon officer in charge (OIC). Adam Schwarze began his military career in the US Marines in the wake of 9/11 and served from 2002 to 2012 across wide-ranging Iraq missions and deployments.

Mr. Schwarze was ultimately able to transfer to the US Navy within the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) program and receive a commission into the Navy SEALs. Joining command in SEAL Team Three, he took on OIC responsibilities with the Crisis Response Element Alert Force on his second deployment.

Over the past five years, Mr. Schwarze has been active with SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team ONE. His role as a technology specialist involves working on NSW Undersea projects spanning vessel shafts and propellers, with an aim of reducing risks as well as financial outlays. Adam Schwarze’s accomplishments include taking an integral role in designing a next-generation wet combat submersible.